[Snippet] Prison of memories

An Inception AU
Lex Luthor x Clark Kent | Incomplete
Angst | implied character death.
Background music: Mind heist by Zack Hemsey

Because I want Clark Kent built a prison of his own memories, isn’t it beautiful?

Superman is invulnerable, supposed to be so. That’s what people thought. Yet it seems like that it is only true while they talk about his physical features. He is penetrable, but it has to be in the state of mind, otherwise useless.

Because after all, there are always a Clark Kent with his oh-so ordinary desires such as being normal. And Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor was just another young adult who wanted something rather different, and with full of his intention, he would get what he wanted. Because that was what made him… less ordinary. He got what he wanted, wasn’t it simple?

And somewhere in between there was something that went wrong, it has to be. Or else how can we possibly explain the reason why the “new Alexander” chose to end his life when he was in his most beautiful mid-20s?

Clark seems like he has moved on with his life, after the tragic death of his ex-bestfriend slash archenemy Lex Luthor. He goes to work; he spends nights patrolling around; he keeps eyes on LexCorps’ labs; he reminds himself that Lex is gone.

But our mind doesn’t work like that. His Kryptonian mind is as vulnerable as human flesh compared to his physical build. He starts to hate dreaming, because Lex is so manipulative even when he is dead.

Right, Lex is dead. The word still brings the bitter-sweetness to Clark’s mind. It should not matter as much. Lex killed himself, and Clark knows that Lex’s death is a firm truth which is also unchangeable. It is reality; he got away from limbo already; he and Lex got away of that faux Utopia world, and this is a cruel reality where there is no more Lex and his charming aura.

Clark does not want this, but he feels like the guilt is slowly breaking himself from inside. His own mind now becomes the crime scene, and every night when he steps in his dream, he sees Lex, alive and charismatic. So for a split of second he wishes that this was true, that Lex had never died.


Bruce Wayne, or he should say Batman, showed up at Metropolis in a cloudy day. He was recruiting member for Justice League, what a nice name. Clark just thought about the idea for a while and then agreed. He is a living creature wandering around Metropolis, he looks like ‘his most precious thing was taken away and now he gets lost without it’, Martha has her own suspicion, lucky him she loves him too much to keep the questions hanging, because he doesn’t even know what to give her for answer.

Justice League is quite alright. He is rather fond of Diana and Arthur. Probably because he sees some pieces of Lex in them. Ever since ‘that day’ he always looks for Lex from other people, but even until now it kicks him right in the ass. He never gets over Lex, he most likely never will.

So he screws all the excuse he used to make and dives in his dream. Because Diana’s intense gaze is never enough as Lex’s, because Arthur’s charisma can never be as ‘his Luthor’.

Oh, ‘his Luthor’.

The thing is that, longer he dreams, wider the crack inside him is. He knows it is there from the moment Lex passed away right in front of his face. He just wishes he can care less about it. However, Arthur is a decent guy but never stupid. From the way he is eyeing Clark, the guy may know that something is off.

And that is why Diana surprises him when she is the one showing up.

[on hiatus]


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