[Vid-rec] Unscheduled recommendation for Sheriarty

The reason for this post is because hours ago I wandered around Slashworld and stumbled upon some fanvid recs, and I think why not, let’s do one myself.

This first post is specifically for Jim Moriarty, a little bit (or maybe a lot) of Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes from fandom Sherlock (BBC).

Title: Remember the name
Vidder: MsLyraGW
Song: Remember the name by Linkin Park
Pairing: none
Genre: Character study (Jim Moriarty), humour

Reasons you should watch this:

This is possibly one of the first fanvids for Jim Moriarty on youtube. The song picked is amazing; I still grin like a fool when it is played on my phone, because I immediately remember Jim and his character. The ending credit is weirdly aesthetic. It’s not something that reaches my average length for fanvid, yet I love it anyway. It’s likely due to the song, the lyrics, even the ending credit scene.

Title: For Blue Skies
Vidder: ArseneSherlock aka Kasuko
Song: For Blue Skies – Strays Don’t Sleep
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: slash, alternative universe, angst, character death.

Reasons you should watch this:

My all-time-favourite Sheriarty fanvid. I consider this a short film, with developed plot and dialogues. I cried the first time I saw it; I still cried the second time, and tears kept shedding the third time. Be warned, it seriously could break you to a weeping mess like me.

Kasuko posted the premise of the fanvid in the description section on youtube, so I copy some parts here in case people get lazy and watch the embed fanvid. Warning for spoiler!

The inspiration comes from the book “The Seven-Per-Cent Solution”. In this book, Sherlock Holmes invented his arch-enemy James Moriarty because of illusion linked to drugs. Yet in the real life, James Moriarty is only an ordinary professor, not a criminal.

So, in this fanvid, Jim is not a criminal. Jim met Sherlock when they were young, and then Jim moved to another city. Sherlock can’t forget Jim, this obsessiveness changed to an illusion: Sherlock thought that Jim Moriarty is his arch-enemy. In his mind, Moriarty is an evil, and he can’t recognize Jim now.

Jim wanted to save Sherlock. He thought that only if Sherlock kills Moriarty, the illusion can be eliminate. So, Jim decided to act Moriarty, to act the criminal.

Jim asked for John and Mycroft’s help. And he also asked his dad and grandma’s help.

All the cases are not real.

If you love Sheriarty, just watch all the fanvid Kasuko uploaded.

Title: Sheriarty | Cloud Atlas AU (fake!movie trailer)
Vidder: inferno92000
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: slash, alternative universe, crack.

Reasons you should watch this:

Okay I want to recommend all the Sheriarty fanvids made by inferno92 and Kasuko. These two often make well-plotted fanvids which can inspire a lot of fanfiction. Sadly Sheriarty fandom is too small compared to the majority of the Sherlock BBC fandom in general. I pick this one because I love reincarnation tropes and I adore the story in the fanvid.

However, it wouldn’t be completely fair if I didn’t introduce other fanvids made by these two just because they already had one entry each.

Vampire AU (fake!movie trailer)

Gangster AU (fake!movie trailer)

Can’t Pretend (Jimlock/Sheriarty)

fifty shades of sheriarty (fake!movie trailer) NSFW

You will not end well——Irene Adler (Sheriarty)

Title: Protection
Vidder: 尖尖的门牙
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: slash, altternative universe.

Reasons you should watch this:

An interesting “what if” since the vidder mixed Season 2 and Season 3 of Sherlock together. We now have Jim Moriarty versus Charles Magnussen. I don’t understand the Chinese song in the background since it plays too fast, but don’t worry there’re English subtitles!

Title: Sherlock/Moriarty | Animal
Vidder: inhumanemonster
Song: Animal – Chase Holfelder
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: slash, dark

Reasons you should watch this:

Between Jim and Sherlock, two masterminds, it is partly intriguing and partly horrifying to understand their shipping dynamic, and this song blended with the scenes and dialogues so well that for some splits of second I feel like I touch something alittle bit deeper into the how-to-be-convinced-to Sheriarty ralationship

Title: For your Entertainment | Jim Moriarty
Vidder: Yunuen
Song: For your Entertainment – Adam Lambert
Genre: character study (Jim Moriarty), humour

Reasons you should watch this:

It’s hilarious to look at Andrew and imagine he is singing “I’m here for your entertainment!”. Jim in this fanvid simply rocks; I can’t stop smiling to see this wicked hyperactive version of the criminal consultant.


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